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id bought this gun with the intention of running it in Single Stack division. Plans have changed, so it's up for sale. And hope the new owner will enjoy it as much as I have.

The original owner had built this gun over the course of 10 years. The ion bond finish was done in 2014, and was put in the safe. I'd put 3 mags through the gun and that's it. The FSC is pheonimal, and is on par with the 20lpi on the TRP.

Here are the specs:

2005 Nowlin barrel installed by John Nowlin Jr.

2010 Canyon Creek for Beaver Tail fit, Checkering and Magwell.

2014 Cameron Custom worked on the slide.

2014 Then to Ion Bond

Nowlin 45acp barrel.
Nowlin Pro Match ignition kit.
EGW extra long FP.
Wilson Combat Bullet Proof TS.
Wilson Combat Bullet Proof SS.
Wilson Combat Bullet Proof BTGS.
SA magwell.
Warren rear sight.
FO front sight.

$1750 shipped FFL to FFL.
Payment is USPS MO.


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Absolutely beautiful! I have determined that after buying my first 1911, 3 weeks ago, if I won the lottery I'd be 1911 rich and cash poor! GLWS
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