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~1919 Remington Model 51 ---- 380 ACP Pocket Pistol

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These are really lovely little shooters, mfg by Remington UMC from 1918-1927ish, these pistols were designed by Remington's John D. Pedersen, who, may have been copying some of John Browning's homework haha

This is an honest old carry gun that shoots great, bore is not too bad, comes with one mag, ~25% original bluing remaining with the balance being nice patina.

$500 Shipped OBO

Air gun Trigger Revolver Gun barrel Ammunition
Air gun Trigger Gun barrel Material property Gun accessory
Wood Rectangle Font Metal Tool
Revolver Vertebrate Air gun Trigger Wood
Tool Wood Handgun holster Metal Gun accessory
Communication Device Gesture Gadget Finger Bumper
Textile Wood Revolver Trigger Material property
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Have another look at $450 shipped
$414 Shipped, someone has to love it!
Looks Eastern Bloc-ish
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These are an ergonomic masterpiece and machining feat of the times. Recorded as one of Pattons preferred backup pistols, they’re darn fine little .380s
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Last call at $375 shipped before she heads to auction
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Wonder where this thing has been ? pretty cool
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Last look at this one ------ $345 shipped auction starts at 830 if no takers https://www.gunbroker.com/item/975555755
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