1924 transitional 1911 barrel

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    Oct 27, 2018
    when the first 10,000 pieces of the transitional 1924 changes to the 1911 were made,
    the barrels were coded with a 'k' on the bottom in front of the leg.
    A few years ago I bought several 1911 barrels from a deceased gunsmith's estate.
    a short while ago I sold the barrels for about $50 each. But the last one nobody
    wanted because the bore was not shinny enough. Recently I noted the 'k' under the barrel
    and searched for it's meaning. Which I found in 'coolgunsite.com' It was a barrel, I think ,
    installed in the first 10,000 1924 transitional 1911s with serial number beginning at
    7000000. That's when the 1911A1 started.
    My point is, I sold it last week for $325. So, don't knock it because it don't shine...…..

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