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  1. HD KID

    HD KID Well-Known Member

    Jun 21, 2019
    I took this locally as a trade with an 1800.00 value about a year and a half ago...It has only ever sat in the case in my safe. I got it from a local gunsmith who had made it his personal project. It truly is a gorgeous rifle!

    It’s a Marlin 1971 1894 Saddle Ring Carbine in 44 Mag ( also shoots 44 Special ) it was made in 1971 and of course has the ever so coveted “JM” stamp

    The Saddle Ring Carbine models to my knowledge were only ever produced for 3 years, 1969-1971 and are pretty highly sought after.

    The original wood furniture has been refinished with 15 hand rubbed coats of oil, the Metal has all been professionally Cerakoted H-Series ( bake on ) Dark Bronze with Dark Titanium accents, 24K Gold Plated Trigger, Original Brass Saddle Ring.

    The cerakote and oiled wood make this carbine absolutely impervious to moisture/rust/corrosion/ect.

    A perfect super lite-weight brush gun or a beautiful wall hanger or both haha

    Anyone who has seen/handled the rifle in person absolutely loves it! You will too!!

    **It was just buffed with gun wax before these pics were taken about 2 years ago...to have the pictured super high lustre shine it should prob. be buffed with gun wax again**

    I’ll get more pics up as soon as I can

    1600.00 shipped/insured takes it home!!! 1D6EC7DE-645C-4C7B-96F9-F5E0A63F7619.jpeg 182B1756-16A1-492E-BDA7-128E95C7E728.jpeg 67B1BEDE-4F5C-4FBB-BBAB-77564F65D23E.jpeg
  2. Green Seven

    Green Seven Active Member

    Feb 22, 2020
    Do you have current photos?

  3. Tall Pine

    Tall Pine Active Member

    Jul 10, 2017
    Wow that's a cool look. GLWYS
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  4. Glock2740

    Glock2740 1911 addict Staff Member Moderator

    Aug 16, 2011
  5. HD KID

    HD KID Well-Known Member

    Jun 21, 2019
    Thanks for all the likes guys!!!

    I will get more pics up that will be very current when I’m home to take them tomorrow, just to be clear it’s the same rifle in the same exact condition it’s simply lost a bit of the super high lustre shine from the buff job with gun wax
  6. Dryheat

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    Jun 21, 2019
    Cerakote has a Marlin Classic Model 1895 in the gallery on their website... first bronze lever gun I’d ever seen. What you did with this one is much more striking. The 1971 1894 platform is very cool in bronze... GLWS!
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  7. Green Seven

    Green Seven Active Member

    Feb 22, 2020
    Do you have the saddle ring with it?
  8. Scaramouche

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    Sep 15, 2015
    BUMP...this would be a perfect companion with that .44 S&W Cousin Vinny posted today for sale. GLWS!
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  9. HD KID

    HD KID Well-Known Member

    Jun 21, 2019
    Some current pictures 3F31B1E8-1903-4161-A1F1-C0F2A6DA2DC4.jpeg 0A2B8CC7-9105-464A-A69E-13C22B535D3D.jpeg 52869D0C-F600-44A2-AEA7-D3B9BD69BD7A.jpeg 94CDD412-B078-4B13-8376-158CF17069AC.jpeg 15CDED38-3942-4474-B89A-305EA2EBB706.jpeg
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  10. Bugs

    Bugs Well-Known Member

    Oct 19, 2011
    I think it looks better without the high gloss; more natural looking. Anyways that is a really nice rifle wish I had the dough.
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  11. jertex

    jertex Well-Known Member

    Nov 24, 2015
    That's a beauty and definitely the best looking Cerakoted Marlin I've seen, out of my price range but GLWS
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