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1975 Colt Python 6" Royal Blue $2600

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Hey addicts found myself chasing another so thought I'd put this one out there before hitting gunbroker.

It's an exceptional condition 6" Colt Python in Royal Blue. Grips and gun both are in GREAT condition. lockup and timing seem perfect, easy to tell it hasn't seen many rounds. (I haven't shot it). It does NOT have original box or paperwork (or fake box or paperwork).

I did a rush Colt Archive Letter that will be here in a couple of weeks which of course I will send out to the new owner.

From Paul @Colt
"Colt Python, serial # E83***, left the factory as a .357 magnum, 6 inch barrel, royal blue finish, with stocks not specifically listed. It was shipped to Automatic Distributing Corp. in a shipment of 25 guns on February 20, 1975. You should receive the letter in approximately 2 weeks. Thanks!"

$2600 shipped FedEx Overnight - USPS Money order Or PayPal and you cover fees. Be sure your FFL will accept from an individual. Will ship it in a blue colt clamshell case.

Always willing to meet FTF in the north Houston / Woodlands area!!

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Thats a beauty. How on earht guns remain unfired for that length of time just baffles me. Abused, NO fired hejj yeah!
Yeh it's crazy , I can't make myself shoot it. I'm sure its seen a few rounds but the bluing is still intact on the breech face so it hasn't seen many!
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Thanks for all the replies addicts, this is now sold
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