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Good Afternoon Addicts,

I bought this pistol a while back and its time to get her gone. She is not a full Jim Garthwaite Custom, was actually sent to his shop twice and I have a full list of the mods that were done. I have copies of one of the orders from JG but unfortunately over the years one of them was lost.

Another unique feature on this Colt is it is a mid year build. So it is a Series 70 but has a series 80 serial number. Is speaking with Ted Yost about this he confirmed that at times Colt would finish a run of guns and still have parts so they built the remaining series 70 on the new 80 series frames that had arrived.

Here is the list of work to the pistol from the pistol's orignal owner:

Re: Garthwaite Custom Colt Commander Serial # 80BS6815
During the initial build the idea was to create a classic carry piece with simple practicality and function in
To the best of my knowledge and recollection the following work was completed by Jim Garthwaite on
the commander during the initial build:
Complete trigger group replaced with exception of hammer and then tuned. (I don’t recall the trigger
pull weight, but I believe it was 4-4.5lbs).
On the trigger itself, the trigger lightening holes were also beveled for appearance.
I believe the Thumb Safety was a King’s Thumb Safety that was reduced, beveled and installed.
I believe the magazine release was replaced and fitted as well.
Barrel recessed and crowned with what I believe was a custom EGW barrel bushing fitted to barrel.
Extractor tuned (I don’t recall whether it was the original extractor or replacement).
I believe the ejector was replaced but either way I know it was tuned.
Ejection port was lowered and flared.
Slide fitted to frame (carry fitted vs. target fitting to ensure reliability).
Rear of slide shaved to ensure flush fit of slide to frame, ejector and extractor.
Classic Hienie sights installed with front sight silver brazed in place.

I am asking 3950.00 shipped.


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WOW! Colt Combat Commander the year I met my beautiful bride! :oops:
Jess, You've got me wishing!
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