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A full house custom, from easily the most prolific Pistolsmith shop ever lay hands on on a Govt Model Colt. Bill Wilson customized pistols with aftermarket parts from gunsmiths such as Armand Swensen (note the Swenson Ambi Safety on this one) and in 1983 began making his own parts. Love it or not, Bill and several of his peer's are largely responsible for much of the industry that we all now partake in, this gun is a notable piece in that is seemingly unmolested from it's original form, barrel dated 12-83, this Colt Govt Model having left Hartford in the spring/summer of the same year. Not long after this build you started seeing Wilson brand barrels, thumbsafeties, etc.

This Colt has many of the options Wilson's offered at the time for the Accu-Comp LE Conversion, beautifully checkered frontstrap, full magwell bevel, Wilson's 'commander' ignition parts, beavertail, Bomar sight, and of course the full fit Barsto Barrel and single chamber comp.

The pistol is in above average shape for these old comp guns which were often ran hard, and ran to failure, with parts being repaired, replaced, modified along the way. Gun will ship with one Old School WILSON - ROGERS 7 Round mag

Asking $1983 OBO Shipped

Gun Firearm Trigger Ammunition Gun accessory
Gun White Trigger Black Grey
Gun Trigger Gun accessory Air gun Gun barrel
Wood stain Grey Hardwood Composite material Plywood
Grey Metal Composite material Tool Blade
Tool Grey Blade Gun accessory Hunting knife
Office equipment Machine Engineering Wire Office supplies
Gun Product Firearm Trigger White
Hardwood Composite material Material property Metal Wood stain
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