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1986-87 Vintage MEUSOC 1911

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In 1986 or 87 I was introduced to Charlie Wilson, the senior gunsmith at the Quantico's Precision Weapons Section (PWS). Below are pictures of the gun Charlie built for a close friend of mine. The rounded or "Bobcat" butt was added a few years later, prior to Gulf I. At that time the MEUSOC 1911 specifications had not been solidified, but did follow a specific pattern. Minus the Bobcat butt, this gun reflects exactly what PWS was building for issuance to the fleet.


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A beautiful piece of history and the art of the 1911. Please note the custom touches which seem to be exactly what most 1911 buyers want today: Ambi safety, extended beavertail and safety, the slide release and mag release might be a bit larger (not sure), the 3-hole trigger, and the rowel hammer. I may have missed others, idk.
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