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Well I have been debating on whether or not I was going to do this thread or not. As I just wasn't sure with all the work I was putting in to it if I wanted to take the extra time to post pics throughout the project. But, I am pretty excited about this and will be doing quite a few things I haven't ever done yet. So, here is what I have.

Starting with a 1992 Milspec SS Frame and slide. That is all that stays from the original pistol. The build list will be as follows:

Checker 20 lpi front strap
Lower and flare ejection port
S&A magwell profiled to look like a one piece Ed Brown
WC BP mag release
Harrison ex internals
EGW oversized BGS
Joe Chambers Med flat trigger
Ed Brown Match threaded barrel
EGW oversided standard bushing
Harrison bar stock plunger tube
C&S pin set
WC BP Extractor x2
WC BP Ext ejector
Top slide treatment WC type serrations
WC BP slide stop
WC BP thumb safety
NHC suppressor height NS
Countersink, and flush slide stop rounded
Ball end cuts
Full radius french border
undercut trigger guard
Heavy bevel slide
medium dehorn
Mild carry bevel front and rear of slide.
Naked slide
Grips TBD but thinking VZ mag cut..
hex drive grip bushings thin..

I don't think I left anything out lol... Anyhow here are the first 4 pics, 2 of slide and frame when stripped. And 2 of the slide with the print ground off. So, it has been started. Working on tightening the slide to frame fit on the frame tonight. Thanks for looking guys~! I appreciate all the encouragement I get from most of ya's.. And the help of course.
I had to tag someone DOC~! ;)

I would also appreciate any input and or advice along the way of the many qualified and talented Smiths we have on board here and even other novice's and hobbiest like myself that just enjoy the heck out of digging in your heels and tackling something like this.

Not mentioning names but, a fellow addict has graciously offered me the use of a number of his jigs and tools to accomplish some of the things on this gun, that I just did not have the extra funds for. I so greatly appreciate that. And while those things are here I will be drawing up prints and fabricating a number of those jigs or something very similar to have for future use.

PS.. I do want to make a disclaimer here. I am not a Gunsmith, I do not have an FFL license, I am not in the business of modifying and customizing guns for profit or for a living. I am a DIY jack of all trades, always have been, I enjoy working with my hands and creating things.. I am a Hobbiest.. Thanks for looking~!

1911 Pistol Smith
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Thanks for doing this Steve. I'll be following for sure. Just gotta love these smithn' projects.
Thank you for getting involved.. If there is anything I like while I am doing this stuff is good or bad feed back. As long as the bad feed back is relevant and with good intentions, there is a lot to be gleaned through the eyes, knowledge and even the opinions of others who love this platform as much as I do~!

1911 Pistol Smith
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You have the parts - Godspeed.:angel:
Almost got em all, I think I have one more batch of stuff coming and some jigs and tooling in a separate delivery, but I believe everything will be here before the weeks end..And actually my bushing reamer should be here on Monday.. Should of ordered that yesterday lol.
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