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2002 Ruger Single Six -- Vaquerito Birdshead -- 32 H&R Magnum

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Another tough Ruger to find, especially LNIB, this Mini Ruger Vaquero in 32 H&R would make a great woods gun for those of us that don't live in Bear country, Perhaps a His/Hers set with the 45 I listed? Gun, box, ppwk all there.

$1132 Shipped

Revolver Everyday carry Trigger Ammunition Gun barrel
Office supplies Cylinder Bicycle part Writing implement Material property
Revolver Trigger Air gun Gun accessory Everyday carry
Input device Grey Peripheral Material property Gadget
Revolver Eyewear Air gun Automotive design Bicycle part
Revolver Bicycle part Automotive design Everyday carry Font
Automotive lighting Eyewear Jewellery Bicycle part Auto part
Bumper Motor vehicle Automotive exterior Gas Auto part
Luggage and bags Bag Handwriting Box Baggage
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Hideous script on the barrel...what's up with that ?
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Hideous script on the barrel...what's up with that ?
It says, and I'm paraphrasing, 'Don't be a dumbass, read the book or you'll shoot yer eye out kid'
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One and only drop before it heads to auction tomorrow --------- $999 Shipped
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