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2022 Staccato P DPO, Tac Grip, DLC Barrel, RMR, 2 Holsters, Geppert Trigger

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Reluctantly putting my Staccato P up for sale because I need to free up the cash. My favorite 9mm I've ever shot. The slide is incredibly tight, the new tac grip is perfect, and the geppert flat trigger is a dream. 2000 flawless rounds through it, only owned it since the fall, purchased new. Essentially get yourself a free RMR, plate, and holsters here.

2022 Staccato P DPO
Tac Grip
DLC Barrel
Tenicor Holster
LAS Shogun Holster
2x 17 rd Mags
1x 20rd Mag
RMR Plate
Trijicon RM06

$2800 shipped FFL to FFL

Air gun Trigger Everyday carry Grey Knife

Air gun Trigger Grey Everyday carry Gun barrel

Textile Sleeve Bag Collar Everyday carry
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1 - 6 of 6 Posts