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Took the 29 back to the range this evening and ran some Federal .44 magnum 240gr jhp through it. Needless to say I didn't run more than 5 cylinders through as the recoil was stout as expected. The stag grips with grip adapter felt perfect though I do enjoy the original target grips on it as well.

The first target shows the target at 20 yards, the holes on the extreme right of the"9" ring were the first rounds. The taped over were from the last cylinder, taped them over for visibility in the photo.

The second target was the 3rd cylinder, notice 2 rounds went through the same hole lol. The gun shoots to poa/poi. Interestingly I was more accurate with the 629-1 I used to have with the same ammo. Hmmm. Regardless I really like this gun and while I definitely won't be running many magnums through it I will take it out now and then with some .44spl ammo.

With the empty box of .44spl ammo I ran through last time.
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