3 Bulls

Discussion in 'Open Mic' started by Mike Meints, May 25, 2019.

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    Mar 2, 2017
    Three bulls are standing in the pasture one day and see the farmer drive his truck away. One of them mentions that he heard the farmer was buying a new bull that morning. The largest bull says "I have 500 cows in my harem, I will not give up any to a new bull." Middle sized bull says "well I have 250 cows, and I will not give up one to any new bull." Smallest bull says "Well I only have 50 cows, no way will give up any of mine." Well now the farmer returns. The back of the truck is getting thumped and walls bulging. He lowers the tailgate ramp and this enormous bull walks down, the ramp bending under his weight. The biggest bull looks at that and says 'Well 500 cows do keep me rather busy, I, I guess I can let him have some of them." The middle sized bull says "I don't really need 250 cows, he is welcome to some of mine too." The smallest bull starts snorting and pawing the ground. The biggest bull says what are you doing? He can take all of yours and there is no way you can stop him." The smallest bull says "Hell I don't care about the cows, I just want to make sure he knows I am a bull!!!"
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    Sounds like the democratic primaries about right now! LMAO
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