357 Magnum with 2400 and mag primers?

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  1. duketbrd88

    duketbrd88 Well-Known Member

    Sep 1, 2011
    I have been using Hornady 158 gr xtp bullets and 14.5 grs of 2400 w/cci 500 small pistol primers in new starline 357 brass Great load for me. shot 400 of them so far.

    Ordered 1,000 zero 158 great JHP bullets the other day because I was sick of paying Hornady prices.

    Anyway went to the local store yesterday and they only had Federal 200 small pistol Magnum primers. It's like 50/50 out there on the web saying you don't need Magnum primers. I get it, 2400 works fine with standard primers.

    What are your guys thoughts on the Magnum primers with 2400? same load but with Magnum primers.
  2. FatMikey

    FatMikey Member

    Apr 29, 2020
    I've used both standard and magnum primers interchangeably for light .357 target loads ranging from 9.5 to 11 grains of 2400 with 158 grain SWC and never noticed any difference.
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  3. Heavyopp

    Heavyopp Well-Known Member

    Apr 25, 2013
    Drop your powder charge some with the magnum primers and work your way back up — 14.0, 14.2, 14.4, 14.5

    You may not need to go all the way back to 14.5

    Changing brands and changing to Magnum would definately justify the caution
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  4. duketbrd88

    duketbrd88 Well-Known Member

    Sep 1, 2011
    That's what I figured, thanks.
  5. pscipio03

    pscipio03 Fun O' Meter on FULL

    Mar 11, 2013
    Agree with just scaling back a bit on the load when going to Magnum. I've done it before and no issues, but I don't load to the redline anyway.
    Also, make sure your OAL is correct when moving away from the XTP. I've never loaded it for wheelgun, but in 9mm and 45 it changes when you go to FMJ.
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  6. jcc7x7

    jcc7x7 Well-Known Member

    Nov 2, 2019
    The only time I've had problems with 2400 igniting was in extreme cold.
    It only happened twice (10-15 degrees)
    Both times were with standard primers.
    So since then I've used magnum primers in 357's with 2400.
    Especially with 296
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