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I have 5 .40 cal mags for an STI/SVI 2011.
4 are SVI 140mm mags with grams follower kits and staindard poly basepad
1-is unknown make (STI?) black 140mm mag with SVI follower kit and standard poly basepad.

These mags are in excellent shape and all the lips are well within spec. They are in used, excellent condition. I do not have a .40 to test them in, but SVI older generation mags are the best 2011 mags ever built and all I use in my 9mm/38 guns.

These mags from SVI are $135 new, with alloy basepads.

I will take $275 for all 5 of these, basically valuing the SVI mags with Grams internals at $60 each and the unknown black mag at $35

Please add $10 for shipping.

More pics to come
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