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Folks: as some of you may have noticed I buy a lot of Colts and have been for a couple of years. Well, I overbought and am needing to make room. PayPal F&F preferred.

Listing them all here together, just click on the link for more pics:

1. SOLD Colt Series 70, .45ACP NIB (Model 01970A1CS) S/N 73B0538 $795.00 Shipped:

2. SOLD Colt Series 70, .45ACP NIB (Model 01970A1CS) S/N: 73B0485 $795.00 Shipped:

3. SOLD Colt Series 70, .45ACP NIB (Model 01970A1CS) S/N 73B0333 $795.00 Shipped:

4. SOLD Colt Series 70, .45ACP NIB (Model 01970A1CS) S/N 72B3388 $795.00 Shipped: this one's missing the manual and has one Chip McCormick mag and one Colt mag.

5. Colt Series 80, .38 Super Pre-Owned S/N FG77728 (1988) Manual, no box, one mag. $1200.00 Shipped.

6. SOLD Colt Anniversary Pistol, .45ACP S/N: 05571911 New, no box or manual, one mag. $900.00 Shipped

7. SOLD Colt Series 70 .45ACP Two Tone (01070AICS) S/N: 73B0134 NIB, Manual, one mag. Fabulous base gun and hard to come by. $1500.00 Shipped. Has one very small ding above the "U" in "USA".

7.5 SOLD Colt Competition SS Slide, barrel, recoil spring, 9mm taken off new gun, in box, one mag $200 shipped
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