'74 Commander - First Range Visit

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    Nov 9, 2011
    Let me start by saying that this gun is a true pleasure to shoot. In it's stock configuration it is immensely comfortable, especially to the web of my hand. I do not see how a beavertail could improve on it for me. I also like the way the thumb safety is set up so that a long reach is not required to get my thumb up on it. It's right there, nice and close.

    This, for my hand, is way more comfortable...


    Than this...


    The trigger is excellent. Crisp and light with minimal take-up and a short reset. That, combined with it being a short trigger, which I have discovered is definitely the way to go for me, I found myself shooting better than usual. All I have ever owned before were long triggers. It is easier for me to squeeze a short trigger, where I have a tendency to sort of end up pulling a long trigger.

    This works much better for me...


    Than this...


    I shot 200 rounds of my handloads. Half of them were new Remington brass and half were assorted very-used brass. 5.7 gr W231, 200 gr Ranier plated hollow points, CCI LPP. Function was good. I had a few FTF/FTRTB malfunctions with the old brass. I do attribute them to out of spec reloads. I get them on occasion with my SA which has been throated and plolished. Typically attempting to chamber the same round again will cause the same issue, and this was the case with the Commander. The rounds it choked on, it choked on again when I tried them a second time. I still don't know how it would do with factory ammo, but my assumption for now is that it would do fine. I do not, and will not, pay money for factory practice/range ammo. I will buy SD ammo to test reliability even on guns that have been proven reliable with SD ammo, just to keep making sure. But today was not a day for that. This range trip cost me one target. Once I get Christmas behind me I can spring for some JHP's to shoot. I do think, however, that the profile of these Ranier plated HP's I was using are pretty dang close anyway. I am impressed so far.

    Ejection was consistently a couple feet away to my right. Better than any gun I've ever owned.

    The slide locked back on every magazine. I used the factory Colt magazine for almost all of the shooting, and put used a Wilson 47D for 16 of the 200 Rounds. I also tried the FTF/FTRTB rounds a second time in the Wilson. Same result.

    I did have two issues that I've not encountered before...

    I was unable to "slingshot" the slide back into battery. Anyone have any ideas on that? It just felt like it was as far back as it would go already, no more backward motion available. Dropping the slide release let it go back into battery, which is how I usually do it any way.

    A few times when dropping the slide back into battery after reloading (by depressing the slide release as mentioned above) the hammer fell to half cocked position. In this state it would not fire. Each time I cocked the hammer manually and continued shooting. This is the only situation it happened in. Not while firing. Out of my 25 magazines this happened maybe four or five times.

    Do you think the above two issues, inablility to "slingshot" and hammer falling to half cock are related? I'd appreciate some experts take on it.

    At then of the day, I am real happy with my new Commander.

  2. deadguy

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    Sep 7, 2011
    i will tell you that my 75 lwt commander feels better in my hand as well. You got a good one. I'll let the ones that know comment on the slide and hammer issues.

  3. 1911fanatic

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    Nov 27, 2011
    I'm not an expert, but I had an old gov. model awhile back it had hammer fall as well when dropping the slide. I would get the hammer/sear engagement looked at. As for the not being able to slingshot, some do and some don't, I can't explain beyond that. I can slingshot the slide on my colt, even with a shock buff installed. I hope that 1 of the gunsmiths on the board will chime in on this.

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