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Discussion in '1911 Gunsmithing' started by Charlie Miller, Jan 12, 2019.

  1. Charlie Miller

    Charlie Miller New Member

    Jan 1, 2019
    Midway USA has a metro arms "complete' 1911 govt. Parts kit (less the frame) , i was thinking or getting a stainless 80% frame from 1911 builders to complete the project. Has anybody here had experience with either of these products?
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  2. Earl Ingalls

    Earl Ingalls New Member

    Jan 12, 2019
    Charlie, I'm new here but not to 1911s. I carried a pistol and badge for near 20 years and now under LEOSA, the last 12 years Ive carried and qualified with1911(s). I think you have a solid parts kit to start with, heck with anybody who turns their nose up at your stuff. What is the purpose for your build, what job do you expect it to do, what caliber are you going to build for? Next Im going to strongly suggest you consider ambi extended safety and slide release. Im ducking and covering my head about now. I carried a variety of pistols over my roughly 30 something years with a federal agency, and now in retirement. One particular I built was a .45acp government model with an ambi safety and slide release. You have to stay in the fight no matter which hands and fingers are broken, smashed, shot, and not working. With that in mind I built a government model with anything ambidextrous I could find after one fight I was in breaking my right hand, a finger and wrist, I was fighting way out of my weight, I was giving away 5 inches and 60-70 pounds the man was built like an oak tree. Thankfully, In that arrest it didn't go next to who was a faster draw, but what if it did with a broken trigger finger knuckle and wrist? So I built the heavily ambi .45, and I went with an Uncle Mikes pancake type holster and never had any problem with drawing or holstering. When the .45 government was complete I knew I could fight with both hands and I could employ my weapon with both hands. The Uncle Mike's holster, I still have and qualify with it, now it's for LEOSA carry of course. The .45 government - stolen by some axxwhole. I hope he got into a fight with it before he realized the frame was cracked out around the mainspring housing pin. I loaded some "hotties" for the .45 government, just in case I was in trouble with big dudes and help was thin. If you're going strictly for the aesthetics or a carry gun with a tightly molded holster ignore the ambi everything advice; but, if you're carrying because you're well aquatinted with society, flush pretty points and be prepared to fight with both hands. what are your thoughts about where you're heading with your new parts, do you have a receiver/frame. I just bought a commander size 1911. I've got a pile of stuff in my cart at Brownells because its a Armscor RIA Ultra MS 10mm. Just in case the guys doing the hand fitting aren't spot on. Enjoy your build.....
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  3. r.masa

    r.masa Member

    Nov 22, 2018
    I don't have any experience with metro arms, but the 1911 builders stainless frame is of good quality. In fact if you are looking for a SS frame, then there are very few choices, and for the price it is a good buy (If I remember correctly around $150 on sale).
    I did take a look at the metro arms kit on midway, but from the description and picture I cannot tell who makes the kit. From the reviews it didn't seem like a great buy for $450, actually the reviews reminded me of the sarco build kit reviews. With that in mind the sarco build it is about $200 less, and the RIA build kit is about $100 less.
    If you do purchase, please post your reviews as I am very curious to the value.
    As for recommendation; based on the reviews posted on midway, if it is your first build, I would not do it. If you are an experienced 1911 builder, then it probably would be a fun build.
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  4. Charlie Miller

    Charlie Miller New Member

    Jan 1, 2019
    Well sir, my hats off to you. I've never had the pleasure or displeasure you've described. I was born a lefty,therefore I was taught by right handed to shoot right handed and had to learn on my own how to learn to transfer over to lefty. Ergo, I'm naturally ambidextrous as a shooter. I'm going for a basic upgrade from my rock island armory 1911 GI ;which I truly adore as my first 1911. I'll stick to 45acp for now. A future build will be a 40s&w 1911 once I get the bugs worked out on how to build a tack driver. But i do appreciate your advice and will look into your upgrades recommendations, as your advice comes with weight of experience behind it
  5. Charlie Miller

    Charlie Miller New Member

    Jan 1, 2019
    In my haste I forgot to mention the practical purposes. I'm not expecting to get back into security /contractors work, this is simply my endeavor at a reliable and accurate edc that I'm pleased with

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