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A SS 2014 9mm VBob was my first Dan Wesson,.
I had it coverted to a dual caliber 9mm/38 super.
It was both accurate and reliable and was fit as well as any
semi custom I ever owned. It was easy to carry and a pleasure to shoot
albeit after the 38 super barrel was installed, the 9mm didn't get much love.

Unfortunately ....
A few months ago I needed to raise some funds and let it go. if I remember right,
I think it is still on the bottom shelf of crowded safe belonging to a good friend, @TheCollector.

The good news is that I was given a chance buy another from a good friend @Xringchaser,
to right that wrong and now all is well. Even had a new factory 38 Super barrel.

So Fear not OP...if I were you, I would grab it.

My latest VBob
Revolver Air gun Trigger Cosmetics Everyday carry
Cosmetics Lipstick Writing implement Office supplies Office equipment
Bicycle part Nickel Rim Automotive exhaust Cylinder
1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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