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9mm VBOB, super reliable or finicky?

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So a guy walks into a gun store He sees a that new Ruger 5.7, a brand new CZ compact and a DW 9mm VBOB.... well which do you think I threw some cheddar on..... up the Dan Wesson 9mm VBOB in pristine condition and it also has a 11 degree crowned barrel (the LGS guy said it comes like that now). Ive never seen one unless the the person orders some custom work done to it. Well of course I have a little bit to go to pay it off and before I do I need to know how the Commander length VBOB handles the 9mm round? Especially hollow points and hell anything, this is and will be my new carry and want to know if there have been issues with DW commanders handle the 9mm. I owned the .45 acp and of course I also owned the O.G., the DW CBOB just when DW start getting attention as a contender and even a member of COTEP if there are any fellas that remember it. Unfortunately I misplaced the dam card. But should I go into something else or would you feel comfortable using a 9mm VBOB as your primary carry thanks, I’ll post the VBOB in .45 I sold on here maybe a couple years ago but it looks exactly the same except for the crowned barrel and it being in 9mm. I’m actually sick a 9mn but I have had 2 lemons when it comes to 9mm 1911’s.. please enlighten me so I can get out or go all the way ( I friggin sound like a teenager) I put a minimal payment and planned on snagging her this week. Yes or no? 👍
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My EDC is a 9mm DW Guardian which is almost the same gun, but has an aluminum frame. Got about 7500 rounds on it with only 2 malfunctions. I can't even say that about my Glocks. DW 9mm's have tight chambers. Avoid Magtech ammo. My carry ammo is 147gr HST standard pressure. Get yourself some Metalform "Springfield style" 9mm magazines from Greg Cote LLC. Enjoy!
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