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9mm vs .45acp

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I’m about to make my trip to the range. I have the day off so I’m going to walk there and then stop at the produce stand on my way home. The relevance of that information is I need to pack light so I’ll only carry and shoot one gun. I’ve got quit the dilemma here…. (I’ll update this with the target today. I promise.)
The Wilson 9mm is loaded with 147g Speer
The vbob is loaded with 230g @Master Gunworks defense hollow point ammo
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I took the Wilson and shot the first 2 mags colt with my carry ammo at 7 and 12 yards. Then put some fmjs down range shooting at 16 and 8 yards. I did some 2 shot transitions between the spots I was shooting on my target and some reloads from my back pocket. I had a bad primer on a geco round click no bang but the firing pin did it’s job, and my fiber front fell out which honestly doesn’t effect my shooting at all in this situation.
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You definitely made the right call.
I’m not sure there was a wrong one lol
And to defend my reputation. This is the only hole I contributed to the back stop 😂
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