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    Sam had an ingenious plan. He would set up a phony company and open a bank account. Then, he would establish credit for the fake enterprise. Using the lines of credit, he would order a load of expensive computer chips, which he would dump on the black market at a fraction of their value. Finally, he would close the business and move on, sticking the chip manufacturer with the unpaid bill.

    What Sam didn’t count on were the pictures—the ones the bank took while he transacted the bogus business with the credit officer. When the Federal Bureau of Investigation showed Sam a very clear snapshot of himself, the agent asked, “Do you recognize the man in this photograph?

    “No,” was his firm reply.

    “Do you recognize anything about him?” the agent pressed on.

    “No,” Sam replied a second time.

    “Do you recognize the hat?”

    “No. Why do you ask?”

    “Because you are wearing it right now,” the agent responded, smiling broadly.

    “I need a lawyer,” Sam said.

    “That’s the only true statement you’ve made so far,” replied the FBI agent, erupting into laughter.
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