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    Aug 12, 2017
    i would prefer a trade on this if anyone is interested. it's a 20" barrel 308 using mostly Aero parts. the cost to a casual buyer at Aero (just for the parts) is around $1200, that doesn't include the Nikon Monarch or the Aero mount, nor does it include the Troy backup sights. the Barrel is guaranteed to shoot 1/2" MOA with match ammo. here is the part list;

    1. Aero Precision FDE GenII upper and rail $310.50
    2. Aero GenII Lower FDE $351.00
    3. Aero LPK $71.00
    4. PSA polished nickel plated Trigger & Hammer $30.00
    5. Superlative Arms Adj Gas Block $80.00
    6. Aero Nitride BCG $215.00
    7. Ballistic Advantage Barrel $259.00
    8. Raptor Ambi Charging Handle $100.00
    9. UTG Pro A2 stock,buffer & extension $65.00
    10. KNS anti rotation pins $29.00

    fired only to verify function <20 rounds. i would trade for most anything of equal value, let's do a deal


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  2. crayj46

    crayj46 Well-Known Member Supporting Addict

    Aug 12, 2017
    i currently own 16 high end builds using the best parts i could source. including:

    1. three 308 in 16, 18, 20" barrels
    2. two 16" 6.8SPCII
    3. three 18" 6.8 SPCII
    4. one 20" 6.8 SPCII
    5. two 16" 7.62x39
    6. three 223 wylde chamber in 16, 18, 20" barrels
    7. two SBR which are not going anywhere

    5 of the rifles have Aero Precision receivers/handguards, the rest have Mega Arms billet receivers and forged handguards. all have A1/A2 stocks, adjustable gas blocks (superlative, syrac, slr), high bolt carriers either NIB or Nitride, ARP Superbolts, ARP muzzle devices, the 308 have Ballistic Advantage barrels guaranteed 1/2 MOA with match ammo 100 yds, the rest have ARP nitride barrels and are simply tack drivers. some are unfired, some have been zero'd, some fired for function test.

    if there is any interest in doing some swapping, i will photograph the items needing visual confirmation. i just like to swap stuff, there are some i will not swap cause i am attached LOL

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