SOLD Agency Arms G19 Gen 3

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  1. Macthepunisher

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    Aug 28, 2015
    This weapon has seen somewhere between 50-100 rounds. This is a backup to my other 2 Agency's that are both RMR'd
    I figured I needed to still train with Irons and I didn't want to have to constantly be rezeroing my RMR's. So I bought another gun just for that. But all it did was ride the safe as my other 2 are my blasters. The gun looks and feels New

    This is a Full Factory Agency Arms Urban G19. This is Not a home build pieced together.
    This is a Gen 3, which in my mind is the best.
    I have been moving stuff around. But I'm sure I still have the little certificate.
    1 Mag

    Paypal is Preferred. Gift or you cover the fees.
    1800 Shipped - feel free to make an offer.

    Trades: KAC, B&T, Higher End Glass, Aimpoint, G33, Try Me
    I don't shoot 45, so keep it 9mm if its a trade.

    Email is [email protected]
    1544545586265.png 1544545603609.png 1544545615812.png
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