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Agency Arms Glock 45 - Sage Dynamics V2

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I have an Agency Arms Glock 45 - Sage Dynamics V2 finished in black mutlicam I am looking to part ways with.

I've put around 500 rounds through this firearm, and it's been fantastic.

It currently has an RMR / Holosun plate mounted with rearward irons.

CAVEAT (IMPORTANT NOTE) : The day I brought this gun home, and I went to take off the plate. The head sheared off one of the agency plate screws. It broke down recessed into the slide. I took it to a local gunsmith, and he had to drill it out. This caused some thread damage. The solution was to drill the holes and tap them to one size up. He custom made some screws that would still work with the plate while also matching these new holes. This means that you can no longer use the agency screws in these two holes, and these two new screws should not be lost. The third screw up top is still stock agency. I have shown this in the pictures.

It will ship with with three stippled and matching backstraps, stock G17 mag, glock case, agency case, certificate, and original guide rod.

Looking for $2400 shipped FFL to FFL

Thanks for stopping by!

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Agency changes the whole dynamics of the Glock Platform! GLWS!
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