AK 47 Rear Sight Modification

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  1. Combat Weapon Systems

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    Mar 31, 2019
    The slim notch and wide sharp edges of the rear sight make it difficult for some to pick up the front sight. Especially when you need to shoot fast moving from target to target. The sharp edges have a tendency to pull your eyes away from the notch in the center. If you notice a lot of the common pistol sights for combat and self defense have rounded edges. While a lot of this is to keep the sight from snagging on things it also helps your eyes to focus on the straight edges of the sight notch. So with that being said I modified the AK rear sight by rounding off the sharp edges and widening the the center notch to .075. Which gives the rear sight a profile similar to a Slant Pro sight for the 1911. I find easier and faster to use over the stock sight. While most people these days run an optic on their rifles it always pays to have a set of back up sights you can use reliably. You can see the difference in the photos below.


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  2. Joe C

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    Sep 11, 2011
    Yeah, that's called the Fuller Mod because Jim Fuller, owner of Rifle Dynamics, has been doing it since forever. I do believe he was literally the first person known to do that to an AK style rifle in the USofA
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    Aug 15, 2011
    what he ^^^ said!
  4. Combat Weapon Systems

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    Mar 31, 2019
    Yes I know of Jim Fuller and Rifle Dynamics I am using their Stock adapter on the gun this sight goes on. Jim rounds his sights off a whole lot more than I do. I take the sharp points off and bevel the edges but still leave the sight square. I wanted it to be more of the slant pro shape when looking at it. Slant pros are the rear sights I run on my 1911s and find them to be some of the best sights out there. So I modified the AK rear sight to replicate that shape. I was modifying one for a customer today and thought I would throw it up on the forum.

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