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Alchemy built MEU(SOC) clone

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As posted in my Colt listing, I’m getting away from 45s a bit. Wrist and elbow are just too beat up to enjoy a 45 at the range.

This pistol build took about 3 years for the previous owner to complete. Paint on the front sight in orange was added, the number "21" on the Pachmayr grips has been removed.

The parts list:

Bar-Sto Barrel/Bushing
Videcki Trigger
Serrated MSH with lanyard loop
Commander Ring Hammer
Kinga 201A Ambi Safety
Willson #66 Grip Safety
Replica Rear sight built by a member of AR15.com
Millett Front sight cut down from taller sight so that POI = POA
Last 4 of serial number stamped on correct parts

Original build thread: MEUSOC project beginning... suggestions appreciated

I'll include one magazine, will ship via SMG to your dealer. Looking for $2875

Finger Gun Firearm Trigger Nail

Finger Thumb Carbon Gun accessory Steel

Finger Gun Firearm Trigger Gun accessory

Finger Technology Gadget Grey Thumb

Finger Skin Joint Thumb Nail

Finger Thumb

Finger Wrist Thumb Nail Toy

Finger Carmine Nail Thumb Gun accessory
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Very nice! The want is high on this one.

ETA: Wonder if FCS could be added??
Still miss this thing.

Rob did a hell of a job on it.
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Thought this beauty would be gone by morning. This is a sweet build. GLWS
Thought this beauty would be gone by morning. This is a sweet build. GLWS
I did as well. This is a damn nice one for sure. Seller is a great guys too! GLWS
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Great price for a clone, especially built by Rob. No doubt it runs as good as it looks.
Can’t believe this is still here. Wish I had the extra $$$…
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