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Alchemy Custom Classic Carry 45ACP Trade for ACW in 38 Super

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I want to trade my ACW for an ACW. I know it is a longshot, but I am looking for a ACW Classic Carry in 38 Super. I am willing to put a little money with mine especially if you have more upgrades etc... such as different finish or sights. Only thing I prefer to not have is a fiber optic sight. Not interested in selling as if I can't find a swap then I will gladly keep this pistol. It will come with original mags and bag (I will put a pic up with those later tonight) we can work out the grips (trade for your nicer one and keep these or I keep these and put back to original). PM me if you're interested in a trade. Thanks!
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A little more info about your pistol's condition such as rounds fired, carried or not, etc
A little more info about your pistol's condition such as rounds fired, carried or not, etc
The pistol is in great shape, but I will hit this thread back with a bunch of pictures this evening as I prefer for pictures to speak of condition. I have carried the pistol once in a leather holster but it hasn’t been a edc. I have exactly 367 rounds through it all factory ammo. I just don’t shoot 45 much and have recently fallen in love with 38 Super is the ONLY reason I am looking to trade. Hope this help but if I’ve missed any details let me know. Happy to do a FaceTime or Google Meet call for show and tell with anyone that is interested in trading too.
What grips are those?
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Lots of pictures but if I missed an angle anyone wants don’t hesitate to let me know. Included one with my username and date but I have bought and sold here too.
Just in case one of you guys cruising the ads today has a 38 super ACW that you don’t love….to the top!
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