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I do have an ACW Quantico on order. I have vented about regretting that order, but that's really
not talking smack about them. I'm mad at myself for ordering a $4k pistol sight unseen.
I did ask about at least getting a partial refund on my deposit, but the answer was no. Even though
I don't want to send in the $3k deposit, I probably will and then sell it when it arrives.
The more you rant about making a conscious decision as an adult while looking for sympathy or justification the more you embarrass yourself. You鈥檙e the only one at fault in the deal you agreed to. You weren鈥檛 lied to or swindled. Just own it and move on. When the pistol comes, list it. It鈥檒l sell.
1 - 3 of 2364 Posts