SOLD Alchemy Springfield GI Price drop

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired Classifieds' started by RK4545, May 8, 2019.

  1. RK4545

    RK4545 Active Member

    Jul 9, 2016
    Springfield milspec completely done over by Alchemy Custom. Only thing left Springfield is the frame and slide.
    Gun has maybe 500 rounds through it since it was completed. Ditching all of my .45 guns and this is the last to go. See build list below... sorry for the water spill on it. Gun will come with a soft case and one mag.

    $2200 shipped, PayPal friends and fam or certified check. I prefer to ship direct to ffl but can do ffl to ffl.
    Now $2000 shipped
    Now $1850 shipped.

    9C981A76-AE1C-45E6-AA58-46896EB18679.jpeg FE9C22E4-5A16-40CA-B285-7B035F092D6F.jpeg 46A732A5-63F0-47EB-BCCD-6B8B34EC64D0.jpeg
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  2. Ornithoptor

    Ornithoptor Member

    Nov 29, 2012
    That is one handsome gat, somebody’s going to be REALLY happy. GLWS!!!
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  3. simonp

    simonp Well-Known Member

    May 27, 2016
    That is sweet!

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  4. puddi_nugget

    puddi_nugget Well-Known Member

    Feb 5, 2014
    I sure miss this era of ACW. GLWS! A very handsome pistol indeed.
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  5. FWoo45

    FWoo45 Well-Known Member

    Jan 13, 2017
    Beautiful pistol. This shouldn't last long.
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  6. Bradd_D

    Bradd_D Well-Known Member

    Apr 8, 2019
  7. RK4545

    RK4545 Active Member

    Jul 9, 2016
    Bump and price drop to $2000 shipped
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  8. RK4545

    RK4545 Active Member

    Jul 9, 2016
    Bump with one last price drop. $1850 shipped.
  9. Shorikid

    Shorikid Member

    Aug 14, 2016
    Please, someone buy this! Great price on this pistol.

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  10. Jollyroger1

    Jollyroger1 Well-Known Member

    Sep 19, 2015
    Steal of the day right here.
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  11. Jim Lyles

    Jim Lyles Well-Known Member

    Aug 25, 2018
    Do you have the original cocobola grips that came with the mil spec?
  12. RK4545

    RK4545 Active Member

    Jul 9, 2016
    I do not have the original grips. I am pretty sure I still have the box and all of the parts that were stripped from alchemy. It’s at my parents home, if I find it I can always ship after.
  13. RMA

    RMA Active Member

    Aug 18, 2011
    That’s a hell of a nice deal considering what you are getting at that price, nice build.
  14. RK4545

    RK4545 Active Member

    Jul 9, 2016
    Sold pending funding.
    Thanks everyone!
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