All of the beautiful pistols that show up for sale on this forum...

Discussion in 'General 1911 talk' started by monadh, Jul 7, 2019.

  1. monadh

    monadh Sapientiae Timor Domini Initium

    May 8, 2012

    I can't afford them right now...
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  2. KS95B40

    KS95B40 Well-Known Member Supporting Addict

    Aug 16, 2017
    You and me both brother...

  3. FWoo45

    FWoo45 Well-Known Member

    Jan 13, 2017
    I'm just mad that I can't import em. Yay komifornia!
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  4. Kevin Rohrer

    Kevin Rohrer Well-Known Member Supporting Addict

    Jul 6, 2014
    I can afford them, and don't live in a People's Republic, so the 2nd safe is slowly getting filled...
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  5. Bender

    Bender Supporting Addict Supporting Addict

    Aug 15, 2011
    There are some exceptional listings here for sure
  6. Guy Montag

    Guy Montag Well-Known Member

    Oct 24, 2014
    Christmas in July!!;)
  7. Baldwin

    Baldwin Well-Known Member

    Feb 16, 2018
    Since joining this forum, I've bought two 1911s that I couldn't afford.:o.o:
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  8. ZArugby

    ZArugby Kickin back a little Supporting Addict

    Sep 15, 2016
    I wish I could say this...
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  9. dvs6

    dvs6 Active Member

    Feb 17, 2018
    I'm in the same boat as you. Unfortunately for me and my luck, when the money does comes back around the prices won't be this nice anymore......

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  10. Baldwin

    Baldwin Well-Known Member

    Feb 16, 2018
    Hey, I've only been here a little over a year. Up until then I had never owned a 1911. The most I had spent on a gun was $800 for a P226 and the wife thought I was crazy then.
  11. Jim PHL

    Jim PHL Well-Known Member

    Jan 26, 2013
    You know you’re an addict when you’re thinking of your next one before the last one you bought has arrived.
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  12. Cop_Out

    Cop_Out Pearl Pimp Supporting Addict

    Feb 3, 2017
    Buying guns I shouldn't buy is a way of life for me.
  13. Wildcat Creeker

    Wildcat Creeker Well-Known Member

    Jan 26, 2012
    Been like this my whole adult life.
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  14. Badabing11

    Badabing11 I gotta have more cowbell

    Sep 6, 2015
    It’s a bad need good news kind of thing. The bad news is I’ve spent a lot of money since being a 1911 addict. The good news is that I got rid of all my non collectible guns to fund the only kind of pistol I like to shoot.
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  15. Babboonbobo

    Babboonbobo Avatar is back to my favorite things!

    Nov 18, 2014
    You now have a true addict addiction!

    Me personally, they’re my meth!
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  16. SVG

    SVG Well-Known Member

    Mar 9, 2019
    So many guns, so little time........................................................
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  17. Baldwin

    Baldwin Well-Known Member

    Feb 16, 2018
    Guns are like women. . . .you may have one but it doesn't stop you from looking at others.
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  18. Zombie101

    Zombie101 Active Member

    Jul 9, 2019

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