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    "Three guys are camping, one from Oregon, one from Kentucky, and one from California. They're sitting around chatting when the guy from Kentucky pulls out a bottle of whiskey, takes a big swig, corks it, throws it in the air, whips out a pistol, and shoots the bottle before it hits the ground.

    He then turns to his slightly shocked companions and says "no worries -- we got an overabundance of good whiskey where I'm from!

    The Californian then does the same thing with a bottle of wine -- takes a swig of wine, corks the bottle, tosses it, whips out a shotgun, and shoots it before it hits the ground, remarking "no worries -- where I'm from, we've got far too much good wine!

    The guy from Oregon pulls out a bottle of Full Sail beer, pops the top, drains the bottle, them carefully sets the bottle down so it doesn't get scratched. He then suddenly whips out a deer rifle, and shoots the Californian dead.

    The guy from Kentucky is shocked, but the Oregonian says " worries! where I'm from we have way too many Californians, but I really do need to recycle this bottle."
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