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I have the following for sale or trade. I’m selling these for what I paid which was pre-panic prices, so would expect the same in return for a trade deal. Trade interests would include ammo for 6.5 Grendel (prefer no FMJ), 38 Super, 9mm, 300 Blackout (prefer no FMJ), or reloading brass and/or bullets for the same.

Reason for sale is that I don’t shoot .308 or 45ACP anymore and figure someone might want this stuff at reasonable prices instead of overpaying. And I’d be glad to trade for ammo I could use at the same reasonable prices instead of overpaying.

I’m not including shipping because it would vary depending on how much you buy and if the primers are shipped or not. If you are located near enough to Kerrville Texas we could meet FTF.

Two boxes of 20 rounds each DoubleTap 45ACP 200GR JHP - ***$20 per box plus shipping***SPF to DR_Diesel.
Two boxes of 50 rounds each Federal 230GR FMJ - $17 per box plus shipping
10 boxes of 20 rounds each IMI Systems 7.62x51 168GR RazorCore - $20 per box plus shipping

2 boxes of 50 rounds each of IMI Systems 7.62x51 150 FMJ - ***$35 per box plus shipping***SPF to Babboonbobo
Edited to add:
Hornady 357 Mag 125GR XTP 20 rounds - ***$22 plus shipping***SPF to DR_Diesel
Sig 357 Mag 125 FMJ 50 rounds - ***$25 plus shipping.***SPF to DR_Diesel

Primers: ***Shipping primers is a more than just a PITA it is not even possible without violating federal law. I screwed up posting these before I understood that. Apologies, retracted***

Pictures as required to prove I own the stuff:
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