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I have a New Years Giveaway for Y'all …

1 New never used EB 7rd mag with base pads
1 Wilson Barrel Bushing (new)
2 Wilson base pads ( new )
1 23# Wolff hammer spring ( new )
And a set of Shark Skin Govt sized ambi cut grips ( slightly used )

Just pick a number between 100 and 300 … ( including)
I will ship the stuff to whoever comes closest to the number
If it comes down to it... the prize will go to the number who is closest but not over the chosen number .. ( if that makes sense .. like in a tie ) lol

OKAY so the number is already chosen by DUKE … He's got it in his Kennel and will be guarding it till January 5 .. when we will reveal it and have a winner ..

Wood Paper product Magenta Purple Paper
Circuit component Rectangle Electronic component Data storage device Silver
Dog breed Dog Carnivore Liver Sporting Group

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117 - Happy New Year!!
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