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Discussion in 'Beginner's Corner' started by bugs1toy, Aug 1, 2020.

  1. bugs1toy

    bugs1toy Member

    Jun 12, 2020
    801C51DE-65E3-43DF-8AB7-1CB98FC0A370.jpeg 2F10A65A-74B5-4DF0-B69E-D5523CAD1C7D.jpeg E69B2747-5C11-437F-9CDE-7A86232D3789.jpeg Ok so, I got me now the Springfield emp4 1911, I am already fully aware that this one is not the same as the rest of the 1911’s out there. It’s got a bull barrel And a different frame than most 1911’s. But my question is this, am I able to get a replacement 4inch barrel that isn’t a bull barrel and use a barrel bushing with a gun guide rod or no? I’m not sure if the slide will work with something like that.

    Edit: added picture of pistol
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  2. azguy1911

    azguy1911 I'm done buying guns, I'm just a bystander now

    Oct 22, 2015
    Nope, and why would you?
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  3. RSCamaro

    RSCamaro Well-Known Member

    Sep 19, 2017
    Well, the diameter of the holes might be around the same size.

    Does the EMP have a slot for the bushing to lock into? None of my bull barrel guns have one. It would be an unnecessary step in the building of the pistol.

  4. ca survivor

    ca survivor Active Member

    Dec 28, 2011
    On bull barrel guns the slide would not be cut for the bushing, it can be done but the $$$$$$$$$$$ expense won't worth the end results.
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  5. ZoidMeister

    ZoidMeister Consider my signature line before replying . . . .

    Dec 4, 2014
    Exactamundo, this ^^^^, and there really won't be a good seat for a proper spring plug I believe.

    That would need to be evaluated as well.
  6. ca survivor

    ca survivor Active Member

    Dec 28, 2011
    Yes, you're correct on the spring plug seat, another thing that has to be build on.
    Is easier to go bull barrel (only need the barrel) from bushing slide than the other way around.
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  7. TheCollector

    TheCollector Well-Known Member

    Aug 25, 2018
    Just PM me and I'll sell you a gun with a bushing............. eazy peazy!

    rolling eye guy gif.gif
  8. bugs1toy

    bugs1toy Member

    Jun 12, 2020
    Well tbh I was wondering because I was wanting to customize my pistol how I like tbh. I just don’t like full length guide rods I like the gi guide rods. I prefer to be able to take the pistol apart without having a tool. But that’s personal preference that I can look past because I absolutely LOVE this 1911. It’s a blast to shoot, the trigger is soooo crisp and it’s just a sexy little beast to look at. Feels super great in the hand and I can actually get my hand around it and once my wimpy self gets used to the rough texturing of frame then it’s just perfect for me to hold. I’m just a guy that likes to customize my stuff sometimes. If I can’t really customize it that’s ok, later on I can always sell it and find another with the kind of frame like this one and customize the hell out of it
  9. switchback

    switchback Well-Known Member

    Jun 2, 2014
    Sounds as if you like your EMP. Leave it alone, as ts definitely not worth the hassle. But hey, I've spent a boat;oad of money on "improvements" that didn't really improve much, except someone elses cash flow
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  10. Uncle Bob

    Uncle Bob Well-Known Member

    Sep 22, 2017
    Understand that EMPs are not 1911 compatible. The pistol was downsized around the 9 and 40 cartridge. It's basically a proprietary pistol. Decide what you really want and than move on to it.
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  11. Dub

    Dub born in the wrong century

    Mar 19, 2017

    My unsolicited two cents.....the best customization for your EMP is to ensure that it runs reliably.

    Load the mags and leave them loaded for a few days prior to range session.

    Shoot it and evaluate any issues.

    Springfield is historically very solid on assisting you here. Utilize this customer service to ensure you have a reliable EMP with magazines that are as as well.

    It’s a sharp looking pistola. The reverse two tone is nice. You can find other grips if you want a custom feel and look.

    Get that gun 100% reliable and keep it that way.

    If you want a bushing gun.....then add another gun.....maybe a 5” model.

    Those EMP models carry very nicely and yours looks great, too.....actually one of the best looking I’ve seen.

    Save those customization dollars and apply them toward an additional gun.....there can always be a reason to add more 1911’s. :)
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  12. maukings

    maukings New Member

    Aug 3, 2020
    Like everyone else said, if you’re not happy with this bullbarrel setup just trade in the gun for a true commander size 1911 with bushing.

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