Any Artists or Artisans? Glass, pottery, metal?

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  1. ForesterPumice

    ForesterPumice Not a Gunsmith, but learning more everyday.

    Sep 23, 2016
    By request I'm going to post some of the glass and silversmith work I do, especially Christmas ornaments ...which I'm VERY sick of making.

    I'm making some 1911 themed ornaments tommoro night, (must finish order first).

    They will be individual 5" spheres, or sets of 2.5", 4", 6".

    I will be sandblast resist etching a few different 1911 related designs, depending on how they come out, I have a cheap vynil plotter I modified out of a cricket cutter.

    Some of the first will feature just a plain Jane sillouette of a 1911a1, from the side, on a sphere which I will first coat with vaporised gold and silver, a technical know as fuming, the sandblasting is called Graal. (If you go thru layers of colored glass).

    A few others will feature smaller sillouettes, snowflakes, and parts, sear, hammer, trigger, barrel bushing,easily recognizable parts.

    If those work out, I'll try 6"-12" beveled glass plates with original 1911a1 blueprints engraved, probably need photo-resist to make that work, I could do it on big glass mugs too. By drilling a small hole in the bottom of the plates, I can add an led light, which will make the design pop, and glow in low light.

    (The guy that buys most of my stuff, always forcing me to take $20 for $30-35 wholesale pieces owns a Glock, I saw the box the other day . Knew he was a ****....)

    Wish I had thought of this before Thanksgiving, I've been making ornaments since August.

    Anyway, here are some random marbles, ornaments, and pendants I'm working on this season.

    To see some real cool glass guns, check out some by one of my teachers, Google "Robert Michelson Glass Guns"

    Please post your crafts too.

  2. ForesterPumice

    ForesterPumice Not a Gunsmith, but learning more everyday.

    Sep 23, 2016




    First try at nemo, I make Minion guys too, with copper goggles, the expensive ones even have little hand stich ed denim Osh Kosh's


    Random ornaments that weren't perfect, there's a Witch ball In there, those are cool, strands of glass inside touch sides.

    and a pear too. The pears are popular, put one in a $20 evergreen plant and you are a hero. Being the guy who takes it too far, last year I stopped at the butcher partridge available, but I bought a fresh Squab (like a dove), and wrote partridge on the butcher paper..gave Granny a heart attack, but she did have a bite once it was cooked!

    Tommoro I'll be picking up better pics, I'll post some stuff.

    Hopefully I can get some 1911 themed ornaments done soon too.

    My teacher has made a glass bicycle with fuctioning chain and wheels, and a SAA looking revolver with a trigger, sear ,and hammer, actually worked , with small black rubber band. (Drop of rubber cement on hammer). I also helped him build a 6 foot functional syringe, it was on display at the MET last time I checked, it is titled "one in the chamber". Thought it would be innapropriate to post, and I can't find pics of the revolver.
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  3. azpoolguy

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    Jul 4, 2013
    I used to blow glass for Neon signs. Here is a bit of work I was responsible for.
    IMG_5386.jpg IMG_5387.jpg
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  4. ForesterPumice

    ForesterPumice Not a Gunsmith, but learning more everyday.

    Sep 23, 2016
    Sweet, I work borosilicate mostly , but I took a class on bending soda lime tubing for neon.

    it ain't easy, tends to thin out , kink and flatten on me.

    That's impressive, where is it?

    I haven't done neon work since school, now I'm inspired to try some again.

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