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AR Parts: Quality Stuff!

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Hi Addicts, for your consideration… all items are very low round count. If it’s noted roll with round count, if not… safe to say under 100.

The charging handle has been pulled but not many actual rounds.

See below, please don’t hesitate to ask questions, I’ll do my best to answer everything as accurately as possible!

Wood Office supplies Tints and shades Metal Shadow

1. 16” Daniel Defense 1:7 twist barrel (led gas system). I have fired approximately 30 rounds throigh it. Comes with a Seekins low pro adjustable gas block and gas tube.
$300 shipped

Gas Office supplies Cylinder Camera accessory Tints and shades

Office supplies Automotive tire Wood Tints and shades Cylinder

2. SOLD- Vltor buffer tube spring and buffer: $75 shipped

Wood Trigger Gun barrel Gun accessory Bicycle part

Motor vehicle Wheel Wood Automotive tire Landscape

3. Geissele SD 3 Gun Trigger: Inam missing the heavier “Gold Spring”. I have a replacement coming that if buyer needs, I’ll send out once I receive.: $175 shipped

Sports equipment Tool Wood Font Hand tool

4. SOLD-Raptor Charging Handle: $60 shipped

Trigger Air gun Machine gun Wood Gun accessory
Wood Bumper Automotive exterior Tints and shades Auto part

5. SOLD- Seekins BCG: $150 shipped

Wood Composite material Metal Auto part Fashion accessory

6. Lantac Dragon 5.56: $100 shipped
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I’ll take the Vltor please if it’s mil spec, not their A-5(?) system
I’ll take the Vltor please if it’s mil spec, not their A-5(?) system
At dinner. I’ll hit you up in a few.
Christmas Bump with price drops.
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Need this stuff gone… feel free to make a reasonable offer!
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