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  1. SW CQB 45

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    Dec 31, 2017
    Trying to move all my older stuff that someone might find valuable.
    Package #2
    • KNS Hooded Front Sight (Cost over $30) never used
    • ALG SCB $55 discontinued new in package
    • Brownells AR10 Flash Suppressor tap 080-598-531 $16
    • VLTOR SMQ-OCG QD offset 1" mount 100-004-711 $74 (painted and removed paint. remnants of paint still there)
    • VLTOR SM-E Scout Mnt 1" 100-003-714 $32 (painted and removed paint. remnants of paint still there)
    • older Daniel Defense R/E EZ QD sling mount over $30 (missing a roll pin)
    • IWC QD 1913 mnt 100-014-924 $28
    • Gear Sector FDE side rail mnt QD socket $45
    • Magpul BAD lever painted with Aervoe 100-004-755 $22
    • Troy Battle Ax short AR15 grip (I put this on my AR pistol. I have huge hands and while it worked.....I went to a normal sized grip) includes screw and washer. I think it was tan and I painted it black with Aervoe.

    I included current prices or approx price when new. Over $350

    all these items are in excellent to great working condition.

    This package #2 sell shipped US CONT only for $70


    This sling set up will likely never be used as I have more slings than rifles. [​IMG]

    Sell this as a package only
    Package #1
    AR-15/M16 MS3 BLK MULTI-MISSION SLING w/Paraclips new $44 (Never cut and in very nice shape)
    MAD HOOK UP (receiver extension bolt on sling mount) new $35??? (company appears no longer in business)

    over $120 in stuff

    Sell for $55 shipped US CONT ONLY
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  2. Babboonbobo

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    Nov 18, 2014
    I’ll take the sling package #1 for $55
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