AR10-308, Magazines, spare upper/rail.

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    Nov 8, 2012
    I put this together about 2-3 years ago and have around 800 rounds down the pipe. It is an easy 3/4" semi auto gun with a 16" Barrel. I mostly shot 168g FGMM but it also loves 155g. I had a Bushnell DMR but am using that scope for another rifle. Does not come with any sights, scope or the sling. Parts list is as follows. I would like $1100 for the rifle with 4 mags. I have about 12 magazines which is a combination of 10,20, 25rnd. I will take $1300 for the rifle, all magazines, and the spare upper receiver/rail.[​IMG] [​IMG]

    Aero Precision M5E1 Lower. $185
    Geissele SD-E trigger. $240
    Vltor A5 Receiver Extension. $40
    Heavy Buffers XH buffer 8.5oz. $125
    Magpul PRS Gen3. $250
    Sprinco Red Spring. $20
    BAD-ASS Ambi safety short throw. $80
    Total: $940

    Aero Precision M5E1 Upper: $185
    Spare Unused extra Upper: $185
    Aero M5E1 handguard 15" G1: $130
    Aero M5E1 15" unused G2: $130
    Aero Bolt Carrier Group: $180
    Black Hole Weaponary 16" barrel $265
    Total: $1075
    Grand Total: $2015

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