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Archon type b first shots

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Just got the archon from a forum member. Been noticing them for a year. Honest outlaw says great things about it. So I wanted to try.
Shot 75 rounds today

Accuracy. I got 1 hole at 15 yards. 6 flyers high (focusing on target and not front sight) and 9 in 1 hole. I actually was as accurate with the archon as I was with my Dvc and czechmate w a dot. But the archon took more concentration because of the trigger

Recoil impulse: I didn’t really notice it being super great like a 2011 or high end cz. Maybe a bit better than a Glock

Trigger: it’s got a different feel. It’s a longer pull. Not a target trigger. More of a self defense trigger(which is what the gun is). It’s advertised as the best striker trigger. It isn’t. I own several better. It has stacking . I tried some double taps and hit the target most of the time. No grouping doing it and first shot was always low from anticipating. On my scale it was 3lb 11oz. But it felt like 5lbs because of the stacking. There is no wall. Pressure builds and 1/8+ later it goes off(kinda like a hk mp5/ g3) It’s a flat wide trigger. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a wide trigger like this. I actually prefer a Glock trigger but I’m new to the gun. Maybe after 200 rounds I’ll feel different

Quality: some things are great. Others are not. The finish looks great. Slide appears blued. Not cerakoted like most guns. Frame feels good. Unique feeling plastic. Feels higher end than Glock/etc. top of slide where the notch is for press checks shows tool marks. Never seen this before. Not even on a hi point. Mag to body has a 1/4 gap. Very odd and can’t be the way it’s designed. Controls are fine. Slide main spring is heavy. It closes with authority. Above average pressure there. You can feel the gun runs on a full rail when cycling it by hand. But when shooting it feels no different. I wouldn’t call the gun smooth like a Sti or cz high end. More violent like a Glock . Muzzle rise is like a Glock to me. I gripped it hard like I do my race guns and torqued my hands into each other. Still jumped around for me

sights: average. Maybe a bit above. I struggled to see them indoors but my eyes are old. My STI and s&w competitor sights are much better.

it’s 50/50 I keep the gun long term. The extreme accuracy makes me want to keep it. If it was full size I’d probably like shooting it more. I’m into target guns. This gun has target accuracy but it’s a carry level gun. I may look into a trigger job for it. Also they sell main spring kits to lighten up the action.
If anyone has mods to theirs I’d love to see your review on them before spending $

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I would agree with you, trigger isn’t great but somehow I shoot really well. Would also be interested in some trigger work, but I’ll wait and see how their new releases are before taking the plunge.
Does yours have the tool marks on the slide?
Does yours have the tool marks on the slide?
Just checked, mine does not have any tool marks
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