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Are 2011 mags interchangeable like 1911 mags?

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Topic, and are mags from Atlas worth the premium?

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I know that the Prodigy and Staccato will work with the same mags, I also know that the Bul Armory and RIA 2011 style pistols take different mags that are not interchangeable. From what I have read and heard, Atlas mags are the best currently, based on the other items I have from Atlas I believe it. If they are worth the $$$$, that is a personal decision.
For the most part, 2011 mags are interchangeable as long as you’re not using a BUL armory or another non mainstream 2011.
Also, I have 20 different staccato magazines and all have been reliable. I see no need to spend more money on atlas magazines unless you’ve got money burning a hole in your pocket.
I like my MBX mags in my open and limited race guns, I just purchased some Atlas mags and they work. I also changed out my MBX springs and followers with Atlas (Supposed to allow one more round in 38 Super comp) and I keep getting rounds slipping beneath the follower.
That's why I ended up selling my 4.25" BUL SAS II and picked up a Prodigy. I have lots of OEM Staccato mags and also some MBX and MPA mags that look identical to the OEM Staccatos along with the Duramags that came with the Prodigy. Haven't gotten a chance to try the Duramags or the Prodigy yet but the MPA, MBX and Staccato all seem to function fine in my pistol. The MBX came with a couple pistols I bought but otherwise I couldn't see spending the premium for the MBX or Atlas.
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