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Less common Arsenal AK variant I have clung to for 5-6 years thinking I would get the time/inclination to form 1 SBR this thing, but I have not. Never fired by me, was sold to me as NIB, gun has been cycled and dry fired some, thus NIB/LNIB. Original box is a bit tattered as they are made from the cheapest comblock cardboard :)

Gun can be had with everything or bare OEM condition or anywhere in between. EXTRAS-----------Russian Zentico railed handguard, Ultimak gas tube/rail, custom stippled Magpul grip, Arsenal Krinkov 'New Genereation' peep sight topcover, 5 mags (2 magpuls, 2 steel surplus, and a Real NEW Circle 10 40 rounder) Note the Circle 10 mag doesn't lock in, not uncommon with some AK mags to require fitting, if the buyer wants me to fit this $75 mag to this rifle I will do so prior to shipping.

Want it all? $1999 shipped

Just the rifle with the OEM furniture and 2 P mags $1555 Shipped

Product Gun Line Machine gun Iron
Automotive exterior Machine gun Machine Bumper Iron
Composite material Machine Silver Carbon
Line Parallel Close-up Office equipment Machine
Automotive exterior Parallel Machine Gas Bumper part
Black Grey Composite material Office equipment Machine
Gun Machine gun Line Black Grey
Gun Firearm Line Trigger Machine gun
Screw Iron Metalworking hand tool Tool Pliers
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