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Wolff, in their FAQs, will tell you spring free length is not the whole spring story. The number of coils and the wire diamenter are also factors in determining resistance.

If you think about it, that makes sense. The length at full compression is more critical. Spring bind, in the case of a recoil spring occurs when the spring reaches full compression but the slide travel has yet to achieve complete over cock. In such a case, the spring is too long.

So, a recoil spring can appear short or long and still be good to go or not. The free (unloaded) length alone does not determine resistance.

The springs from overseas do not enjoy a sterling reputation. Early weakness is not unheard of in those recoil springs.

What Fusion sells is a mystery to all but insiders. Most of their parts are re-bagged and re-badged.

The 18 pound Commander spring is a common one and is probably in stock at Wolff. However, the Wolff website does not give a heads up as to in stock or out of stock status like Brownells and Midway. They both stock Wolff springs in the most common flavors and some of the calibration packs. If you need some other item other than the spring alone, Brownells or Midway USA may make shipping more attractive as a package.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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