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  1. Cr3eepp

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    Feb 2, 2019
    so im not completely new to 1911’s as I have a Kimber Ultra Carry II for my every day carry. Now I purchased this ATI Titan to be sort of a project gun for learning on and not having to rely on for self defense.
    So far I’ve replaced the recoil spring with a Kimber version as ATI is known for cheap spring assembly that breaks often.
    Other upgrades as follows:
    Fusion Firearms high force stainless hammer
    EGW trigger
    Wilson Combat bullet proof sear
    Cylinder & slide dissconnector
    STI stainless firing pin
    Wolff firing pin spring
    Extreme Engineering Hammer Strut
    Wolff sear spring
    And some thin G10 black grips

    I did not file or polish anything other than the trigger/trigger bow because these parts were a great step above the factory ones. Pulse I don’t have the sear filing tool so I didn’t want to mess up a new aftermarket part. The trigger pull is extremely crisp and smooth with a very short reset, it I have not put any rounds through it yet. My question is what else could be done to improve the operation? Some polish work on the feed ramp, aftermarket extractor, or anything else I’m not thinking about. Any input would be appreciated.

    I almost forgot to mention with the upgrades I’m still around the $600 mark on this 1911.

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    Nov 28, 2018
    I've heard good things on those Titans straight out of the box. With those upgrades, I'd not be afraid to carry after putting a few hundred down the pipe with no issues. Welcome to the Forum and nice looking piece!
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  3. Cr3eepp

    Cr3eepp New Member

    Feb 2, 2019
    Thanks, I really like how it looks with the black grips. And you are right about carrying it after 2-3 hundred rounds with no issues and I might very well do that. On the other hand it’s a steel frame so she’s got some weight to her vs. Kimber with aluminum frame that’s much lighter. I also just ordered a Burris dot sight mount to give that a try with a sightmark, mini shot m-spec lqd so we’ll see how that works out.
    But I would definitely recommend this 1911 to anyone on a budget or looking to learn how to upgrade on. After replacing the recoil spring it really shot as well as my Kimber

    And I forgot to mention I had to file fit that trigger on height and width just for anyone that may look at the trigger or have the titan, you may have to fit the trigger.
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