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Hello Fellow Addicts,

After much deliberation, soul searching, and mixed feelings on this, I am going to sell off all but a handful of guns. I have some debt that is unrelated to firearms, and it would be much smarter to pay this debt off rather than have these just sit in my safe unused. I know, I have said for quite a while that I’m trying to downsize, but then end up caving and buying some back – but I have to stop purchasing more guns for now.

I am open to realistic offers via PM, but this is not a “Fire sale” – I do not NEED to sell any of them, I just feel it’s the right thing to do at this time. I will not be accepting any trades.

In this thread is I have one that I just purchased - it's a customized 5" Colt Competition in 45 acp. I haven't shot this one since receiving it, it just went right to my safe - so it remains unfired since completion of the custom work. This is an absolutely beautiful gun! If it weren't for my decision to sell off my collection, this one would not be going anywhere!

Gun specs:
  • 5" Government size
  • 45 acp
Custom work completed:
  • In early 2020 it was sent off to Pete Single for the following work:
    • 25 lpi checkering on front strap and flat of memory bump on grip safety
    • serrated top of slide
    • lengthened slide stop notch
    • grip safety fit flush with gram
    • removed sights and fit rear dovetail for press fit
    • chamfered edges of frame and slide
    • removed major machine marks and bead blasted for final finish.

  • After Pete finished, the pistol was dropped off with Alex Hamilton of a Ten-Ring Precision for the following work:
    • tightened slide/frame fit
    • trigger job 4.5#
    • beveled and recessed slide stop
    • installed Stan Chen SI magwell with 25 lpi
    • hard chromed slide and bushing; work performed by Virgil Tripp
    • Black Gun Kote on remainder of pistol
    • reinstall Novak sights included on Colt from factory
    • tune one Colt magazine and test fire

  • Once the custom work was completed, the original owner did the following:
    • Installed Challis stainless bushings and screws
    • Installed black starburst SGMGrips (aka Larry Davidson)
  • Both receipts for custom work
  • Original blue case
  • (1) Tuned Colt Mag and (1) Wilson Mag

Price on this one is $1850 shipped from ME to your FFL.
If it has to be shipped from an FFL, add $50 to cover my extra fees. This is non-negotiable.

I accept payment from Venmo, Zelle, PayPal F&F, Postal money order, or Certified bank check.

For anybody who doesn't know me, I included a screenshot below from November showing the 1911 Addicts "Top10 Traders" from the feedback system that is currently unavailable.

* Here is a link to the original sellers thread with great pictures of it SOLD - Custom Colt Competition Govt 45


Invoices removed per request

And...here's my feedback:
FEEDBACK Nov 2020.png








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In for more pics, nice Colt, very tempting.
There is a link to the original ad with a few more photos. Nice looking pistol, I don't expect this will last long.

Only reason I'm not saying "those three words" is that I imagine I might be the OP someday... selling off a whole bunch of pistols I never got around to shooting! :D

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Sorry, I wasn't able to take more pictures last night I've been too busy...I'll try again tonight!

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Anything you see in the pictures is lint or oil, this baby is pristine! The only marks are on the barrel hood.

Make me an offer! Otherwise I'm thinking this is going to be the one 45 that I let myself keep lol. I have a cheaper Springer that was going to fill that role, but this thing is NICE...

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I’d hit the buy button if I knew it wouldn’t cause a divorce. That is a nice gun! I’ve probably looked at it 20 times since you listed it.
Buy her a dozen roses and a Colt! "What honey, you have no use for the Colt? Sorry about that, I'll take it out of your sight"

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I'll take it per our PMs.
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