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I do not consent.
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  • Not legal in California
  • Non-exclusive listing. Also for sale locally.
  • Round count: ~700
  • Shipped FFL to FFL
  • USPS money orders, checks (from members in good standing) PayPal F&F accepted. Funds have to clear before shipping.
  • See the second post for more stuff that matters
  • PM me if interested
  • Thanks for looking
This is a very good little self-defense/deep concealment pistol I would confidently hand to my wife/girlfriend/daughter or carry myself. It is in excellent condition and has been thoroughly tested. The finish and externals are almost pristine, the internals are, literally, better than new.

I know there isn’t a huge market for these among the Addicts, and I have it for sale locally, but thought I’d list it here in case someone is looking. It’s not a “custom” pistol - it is all OEM - but it has been tuned and upgraded by the factory. You can get new ones today for $875 or so at Bud’s, but they won’t come with the factory improvements.

Pretty much everything you could possibly want to know is below. PM me if interested. Here’s what you get:

Gun Firearm Trigger Gun accessory Air gun

History - Why it’s “better than new”
When I bought this pistol it was not good - apparently manufactured on a Monday, during Carnival, in a Brazilian factory using quality standard ISO-17SUCK-IT. I put 300-400 rounds through it over the next year or so and finally sent it back to Springfield in July 2018.

The good news is Springfield has excellent warranty and customer service. The bad news is far too many people have to use it. However, once you get a Springfield gun right, it is a very good gun. Here’s what they did:
  • Replaced slide: Rear of slide now has a nice fit to rear of frame - there’s not .100”+ of overhang one way or the other. Firing pin hole now located where it actually strikes the primer - in the middle.
  • Replaced firing pin: With steel, as God intended. Now the pin not only strikes in the middle, it strikes with authority.
  • Re-cut and polished feed ramp: Reliable feeding, with both factory ball ammo and JHP defensive rounds. Both slow and at speed.
  • Drilled and pinned ejector: It won’t come loose when the glue fails.
  • Adjusted sear spring
Here is the invoice. There are two guns listed (both EMPs.) Repairs for this particular gun are the lower portion of the invoice:

Text Photograph Line Font Black

Obligatory glamour photos

Gun Red Firearm Textile Trigger

Gun Firearm Textile Red Trigger

Gun Firearm Trigger Revolver Air gun

Textile Red Magenta Strap Everyday carry

There really is a nice, aesthetic match at the rear of the gun now. Better than my EMP4 Carry Contour.

Textile Red Magenta Trigger Maroon

Material property Cylinder Stationery Silver Household hardware

Tuned and polished feed ramp now reliably chambers and shoots a variety of factory ball and JHP rounds.

Colorfulness Circle Macro photography

Both ends of the barrel are in excellent shape. This is inside the muzzle, using a little endoscope Pistol Annie got me for Christmas.

Stuff that matters
I had put ~125 rounds thru this gun in the 18 months that lapsed since getting it back from SA. No issues, just don't need it or shoot it anymore. But, since I decided to sell it, I wanted to make sure it was solid and good to go before I cleaned it up and listed it. I put another ~175 rounds through it to test reliability, primer strikes, accuracy, etc.

We are now at a total of ~300 trouble-free rounds. Results below and in the next message.

Grey Circle Button Silver Brass

Solid, authoritative primer strikes in the middle of the primer. None of that namby-pamby, wishy-washy, love-tap-off-to-the-side crap.

A few more photos in next message.

I do not consent.
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Here's a few more pics. I wanted to make sure this pistol reliably fired a variety of ammo, and could be counted on to be accurate at defensive distances.

I am an ok shot at moderate distance. Not great, but ok. The point was to demonstrate that the pistol itself is capably accurate at defensive distances.

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Yellow Text Handwriting Circle Paper product

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