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My very first 1911... See growing up shooting revolvers, all Dad had, I decided at about 18 I needed a proper bottom feeder, then naturally having a modicum of taste, that was a 1911. I had already at that point, procured my own first handgun that wasn't something Dad paid for, though naturally I could not have attained it without his help :) A S&W 28-2 Hwy Patrolman, beautiful boxed 6" 357 Magnum N Frame. That gun could do no wrong, great looks, great trigger, far more accurate than any handgun I had shot to that point. . . but back to the disappointment

I had done plenty of reading on the matter of 1911's, in regards to what stock pistol would best suit my needs, and be in my 18 year old tax bracket. I settled on The Springfield Armory 1911A1, the one I found at another gunshow I drug my old man to, was a Blued Standard model, with its original box, I think I gave $475 for it in about 2005... Lo and behold, I hated it!

Here's why, and naturally at 18, with no idea what to do about its shortcomings, I traded it down the river shortly thereafter and bought a Smith 25-2 to use up my 45 Ammo

-Pretty terrible Ergonomics/feel, gun had a GI grip safety, not an ounce of dehorning, it just was not fun to shoot or handle.
-Trigger was bad bad bad, see, shooting single action revolvers as my baseline probably spoiled me some in this regard
-Gun simply did not shoot that well, being used to 5-7.5" barreled revolvers with good sights, I was also used to setting up tin cans at 30-50 paces and clearing them relatively easily. . .this 1911 could not do that, in my hands, at that time

NOW, years on, I did eventually, buy this, a facsimile of that 'first' 1911 in my life, since now, I make a living from the platform. This gun, made in the year of my birth, still suffers from the issues of my first, and someday, I might fix that, or I might keep it the way it is to remember how far you can take one from its stock form, to functional art....

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That’s the only Standard Model I’ve seen posted older then mine. I have 26xxx with the factory card board box. It was horrible. 9.5lb trigger, tiny sights , and sharp grip safety. I left the fist range day bleeding and with a sore trigger finger from pulling on the trigger so hard. But now it looks like this.
Hood Air gun Trigger Grey Grille
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