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    When God finished creating everything, he spoke to Adam and Eve.

    "You two are almost finished, but I have two parts left. I will let you decide who gets which part.
    First, I have a part that will allow you to pee while standing up."

    Adam immediately says "Oh, I want THAT one!! Please, please, please!!"

    Eve says "It is not that important to me, go ahead and give that part to Adam."

    God does, and Adam is very happy. He pees on a tree and laughs. He pees on a rock and laughs. He is running all over the place, laughing and peeing. He even found some snow, and wrote his name in it, laughing all the time.

    God turns to Eve and says "Well, I guess you get the part that is left."

    "What is that part, Lord?" Eve asks.

    God replies "a brain."
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    God gave man a brain . . . . . it's just usually located in the wrong "head" . . . . .

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