SOLD *both sold locally 18" FDE Tavor, gen 4 G19 unfired

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    Mar 13, 2014
    Both sold locally please close.

    I have a lightly used Tavor I picked up on a trade. It has the Timney trigger pack along with the stock trigger pack. Unknown roundcount but the previous owner left it in excellent condition and I am estimating the round count to be low. There are some light wear marks on the top rail where optics have been mounted. I had one of my cans direct threaded onto the rifle but it has not been fired suppressed and will
    Have the A2 re-installed.

    1800 OBRO with factory mag, box and accessories shipped to CONUS to my FFL to your FFL

    Also up is a blue label Glock gen 4 19 unfired with true glow night sights. Comes with 3 mags. 550 shipped my FFL to your FFL CONUS.

    I'm funding an interest in a .308 pistol on an AR platform, sig716, POF, etc.... I may be able to be suckered into a .45 1911 with a threaded barrel too. I have other pistols, mags, optics, etc... to help even out a trade if necessary. Since I'm going unpaid at work for a few weeks while I wait for my retirement plans to be finalized I'd rather not have to add cash to a deal. IMG_3215.JPG IMG_3216.JPG IMG_3217.JPG IMG_3218.JPG
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