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A lot of interested parties for direct purchase only so I’ve updated the listing.

Up for consideration is a benchmark precision 9mm that I purchased directly from Rob after seeing for sale on this forum. I had him add an Ed Brown 1 piece mag well. Pistol includes original 2 mags, box. About 800 rounds have been fired.

Attached is the build sheet,
Receipt. The craftsmanship of this pistol is outstanding. The action of the slide cycles smooth and it inhales 9mm pills without a hitch.

Trade considerations.

1) Smith and Wesson revolvers
No nickel, pre mim and lock
  • 625 model 1988/1989
  • Model 27 in 4 or 5”
  • Model 25
2) Non 1911s
  • CZ 75 full size DA/SA variants- no shadow 2s. Preference for bull shadow, sp01 shadow, shadow tac.
  • Wilson EDC X9
3) 1911s
  • Looking for railed gun in 45 but I’m open to all .45s in commander and government size

Cash difference depending on what you have. Shipping to each other’s FFLs or F2F in Northern IL.

Also, realize I’m new so no problem with questions on the pistol or vetting my background.

Hit me up before I change my mind :)



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